In recent years, along with the increase of demand of choline chloride in world feed industry, some adulterated choline chloride products are pouring into world market. The choline content in such a choline chloride product is far lower than specification stated by its supplier. This hurts the breeders and users very much and hurts the innocent choline chloride manufacturers seriously.

The relevant reports could be found on internet and publications.

One reason for fraudulence is the low selectivity of the current national method for choline dertermination on feed grade choline chloride products in China. Unlawful parties add cheap inorganic chloride, organic hydrochloride or other chloride substances into the final choline chloride products that interfere with the analysis and produce misleading results.

The China National Centre for Quality Supervision and Test of Feed and The Ministry of Agriculture accepted the need for resetting a new national standard to replace the current standard for choline determination. For feed grade products, the most commonly used methods are AgNO3 titration, the perchloric acid method, the sodium tetraphenylborate method, and the Reinecke Salt Colour Comparison method.

In fact, every method mentioned above is available and correct for determination of content of choline chloride in choline chloride products if they are not adulterated by man-made. It is because some of the existing methods have rips that the immoral suppliers find chance to effect their fraudulence in choline chloride products. AgNO3 titration method and perchloric acid method are of poor selectivity and are not specific for choline. The sodium tetraphenylborate acid method is of higher selectivity but the analysis result can be influenced by the presence of some cations in the product i.e. K+ and NH4+.

The USA national Feed Ingredients Association (NFIA) has set the Reinecke Colour Comparison

Method as the standard for choline determination in feed premix products. However this method is unsatisfactory for checking these products which contain high concentration of choline chloride in products.

Now a new method, the Reinecke Salt Gravimetric Method has been developed. It is efficient and easily operative in laboratory to test the real content of choline chloride.

The most powerful method is Ion Chromatography method. It is not used widely because the Ion Chromatography Instrument is expensive.

For a basic laboratory where no Ion Chromatography Instrument available, The choice of testing method is Reinecke Salt gravimetric method, or combining AgNO3 titration method, perchloric acid method and sodium tetraphenylborate method.

NB¨s laboratory, supported by National Centre for Quality Supervision and Test of Feed, is well-equipped with the most advanced testing instruments, including Ion Chromatography Instrument. All the testing method above mentioned can be conducted in the laboratory. If you have difficulty to tell the quality of choline chloride products, you could contact us and mail us a sample. We will test it for you and give you a testing report for your reference. 

We would like to work together with the friends all over the world, hand-in-hand, to fight against the behavior of fraudulence, to protect the interest of both of us.

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