1). Are you a manufacturer of choline chloride ?

Yes !
We are a choline chloride manufacturer in China, and currently we are the largest one in China. We have four choline chloride manufacturing facilities with a combined annual production capacity of 80,000 tons. For detailed information, please view ABOUT US inside the website.

2). How long have you exported your choline products to other countries and regions?

Since 1995, We have been exporting our choline chloride, for more than ten years. We have established a reputation among our customers for quality products and a reliable and efficient service.

3). How many countries and regions does your business cover ?

Our choline chloride has been exported to more than 40 countries and regions, involving with all the continents in the world. We have many valuable customers, such as:

4). Could you give us a general description about the production of Choline chloride products ?

Choline chloride liquid (Aqueous Solution) is made by chemical synthesis. The main raw materials include EO (Ethylene Oxide), TMA (Trimethylamine) and HCl (Hydrochloric Acid).
Choline chloride dry form (powder) is obtained by absorbing chloride liquid on a selected carrier ( Cereal carrier, such as corn cob meal, synthetic carrier, such as silica), and then drying to a lower moisture content.

5). How do you guarantee the content of choline chloride of your products complied with the specification stated ?

Choline chloride is a chemical substance. It is made by chemical synthesis. So if the every step in production process is effected as per the standard operation rules, the products will be qualified. The key factors in process include qualified raw materials (reactants), reactant proportion, control of reaction conditions (reacting time, temperature, PH value etc.).
Quality is in our heart. We regard it as our life. But that producers who supply adulterated goods are not the same as us. In their heart is fraudulence.
So we think quality depends on the producers' mind, not on the equipments.
Of course we have well-equipped facilities and laboratories that give us a hard support to the quality.

6). How do you control the contents of residues in the products to a low level ?

TMA is one of the raw materials, the contents of TMA in products rely on the technology design and condition control.
Heavy Metals and Ash are mainly from the raw materials. So the raw materials are important. We always select qualified raw materials for our production to make the content of residues in a low level.
Controlling reaction conditions is also important for the content of by-products, such as Ethylene Glycol, and the range of PH value.

This following questions from (7) to (10) are concerning the carrier of corn cob meal.

7). In what region is the crop (corn cob) produced ?

The corn cob is produced mainly in Shandong province, which is one of the main corp provinces of corn in China.

8). How is it stored after harvesting ?

Corn cob is stored in courtyard warehouses after harvesting.

9). What methods are taken to exclude birds, rodents and other animals from the crop storage areas ?

The warehouse keeper usually raise owl, cat and dogs. It can exclude birds, rodents and other animals.

10). Is the crop processed on farm ?

No. The corn cob meal is processed by the grinding corn cob in mill which is usually nearby the warehouse.

This following questions from (11) to (17) are concerning manufacturing processing, storage and shipment

11). Is heat or any other treatment used in the process that might eliminate micro-organisms ?

Heat is used in the process after mixing choline chloride liquid and corn cob meal.

12). If heat is used, what temperature is reached and for how long ?

Normally the temperature is reached 143 Degrees Centigrade and remaining about 45 minutes by circle hot wind.

13). What other aspects of the manufacturing process might inactivate viruses, bacteria fungi and toxins ?

The high choline chloride concentration in the commodities inactivates viruses, bacteria, fungi and toxins which may exist in the corn cob meal when mixing choline chloride liquid and corn cob meal, especially in a condition of high temperature.

14). How is product packed after manufacture (eg bags, bulk etc) ?

Choline chloride dry form is packed in bags lined with plastic inners and liquid is stored in drums or tanks.

15). Where is the products stored ?

They are stored in warehouse.

16). what methods are taken to exclude birds, rodent and other animals from the product storage area ?

The packing and warehouse are all in good condition. Moreover birds, rodents and other animal are not interested in this product as it is a chemical with a high concentration.

17). How is the product shipped ?

Normally shipped by vessel in containers.

18). Your next question is invited.




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